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Write persuasive essay

February 24, 2015


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Thesis topics

February 17, 2015


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Learning disabilities

February 12, 2015


Even though learning disabilities create a lot challenges for both parents and their children, it does not mean that they cannot be properly handled. The main point to remember is that learning disabilities affect the way in which a child perceives, understands and responds to information. As a result, studying at school is harder due to the fact that such children need a different approach and teachers cannot physically provide it. Yet, a child with learning disabilities can be successful and do well in life.

In order to help a child with learning disabilities, one should know the exact type of a learning disability, learn more about child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as try to build his or hers self-confidence. Surely, it takes a lot of time and energy but it is totally doable.

Speaking about types of learning disabilities, they are as follows: auditory processing disorder; dyscalculia; dysgraphia; dyslexia, language processing disorder; non-verbal learning activities; visual perceptual/visual motor deficit; ADHD; dyspraxia and executive functioning. No matter what type you are dealing with, keep in mind that they key to success is to find the right approach and to work towards achieving the goal. Find out more about learning disabilities at …

Requirements of a mobile grooming enterprise

February 6, 2015


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