American Life Madonna Essay

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American life is the title of Madonna’s latest album and in the album is a song titled American life which illustrates the role of Americana and the influence that the America has on the rest of the world. In this song, Madonna illustrates some of the things that people go through as they begin to become influenced by the American culture and the American society in general. One notable part of this song that will most likely catch the listener’s attention owing to it being in the chorus is the part where Madonna praises the American life and the American dream and emphasizes that it is the best thing that has ever happened in her life. As one listens to this part of the song, a listener is also drawn to wish that he too could live the American dream and basically to reside in America where true success and freedom can be achieved. The song appears to be idolizing the American nation by stating that it is the greatest nation in the whole world and a place where an individual can get and achieve anything that he or she has ever wished for.

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