Best topics for persuasive essays

Persuasive essays refer to the essays that are written to convince the reader or the audience in focus to accept a particular product, view, opinion or course of action in their context. Such kind of essays can be written to lure the audience to change their mind concerning a certain product or idea in question. Persuasive essays are not endemic to the marketing world but it also abounds in the political and social arena. A politician, for instance, can write an essay to convince his or her constituent to take a particular stand on a given issue. Similarly, a marketer can do and circulate an essay about a product in the hope of convincing readers to shift from the old product to the new ones that s/he seeks to promote.
This leaves us wondering what the best topics for persuasive essays should be. It goes without saying that any persuasive essay should be written to convince the target audience to accept a new product, idea and political stand because they commonly solicit for masses to take a given course of action.

Some to the best topics to be covered in persuasive essays include “Ten Reasons to Buy a New Product”, “Why to Reject a New Bill”, and “The New Approach to Poverty Reduction.”
It has been noted that all persuasive essays attempt to persuade readers to accept the position taken by the author. For this reason, the writer must be logical and tactful enough so as to sway the readers into abandoning their previous positions and further take an action towards the author’s desired direction. In all these, the author must communicate his points fluently and systematically.

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