College essay mike rose

College essays are also based on personalities. Such essays are referred to as biographical essays. This is because they give an account of an individual’s life history. An example of such an essay is college essay Mike Rose. Writing such an essay would require that a student first learns who Mike Rose is. The knowledge of the essay’s subject starts from the time and place of birth to the current life. To write a college essay about Mike Rose, it would first be important to read the biography of the personality. The biography of Mike Rose would give details of the date of birth, the subjects formative or childhood years, e.g. where he went to school, what he enjoyed doing as a young man etc. the biography would also give historical details of the personality’s after school life, e.g. what he did as his job and how this person rose towards heroism. The values that Mike Rose cherished or his personal philosophy will also be detailed in the biography. The reader of the essay about this character would like to know such values or philosophy because they are factors behind Mike Rose’s heroism.

This would especially be important to people who regard Mike Rose as their role model and would like to make achievements similar to his’. It is therefore important to have a vivid knowledge of Mike Rose to write a good piece of an essay about him. Developing a particular interest about the subject of the essay who is the personality is very important. To do this, develop a liking attitude towards the subject for an easy comprehension of him or her. One has to exclude his or her personal prejudices about Mike Rose to write an excellent piece. It is obvious in writing that when the writer is biased, such biases will manifest in the writing. Present the facts about Mike Rose without distorting them yet in a very interesting way. Check for any inaccuracies.

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