Macro-economic factors and Industry Analysis for NCK (Nick Scali Limited)

Nick Scali Limited, a company located in Lidcombe Australia that is involved in obtaining and selling furniture for household use as well as other accessories that are related. The company offers designs furniture and fits them with either leather or fabric. Other products include furniture for dining areas, bedrooms and other customized furniture. There are amazing chairs, tables, lounges, units for entertainment and furniture used for outdoor designed by the company.
The company has thirty showrooms for showcasing its products as well as four centers of distribution. The Warehouses for the company showcase the products in the various centers located in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. Continued expansion of the company is projected all over Australia. The Australian Securities Exchange has the company listed with the stock code NCK. The net profit for the company is reported to have reached eleven million six hundred thousand Australian Dollars. The following year saw the profit drop to nine million Australian Dollars with the numerous discounts being regarded as the main factor for the drop.
Nick Scali was able to maneuver through volatility and change of structures in the financial year of 2010/2011. The result was a record of improved net profit by 3.1% from the recent year. Some of the challenges that the company had to overcome included an unpredictable market, wavering customer confidence as well as high spending. The strategies used during that year focused on the business optimization abilities geared in improving results. In spite of the tough economic times, growth plans that included new brands being introduced were instituted. There was also 3.8% increase in the sales in 2011 as compared to the previous year. A detailed report of the company’s performance is provided in table 1 below. The company’s key statistics for the year 2012 are provided in table 2.

Nick Scali provides phenomenal support to its customers to a level that cannot be matched by its competitors. This gives the company a competitive edge over its rivals as its support is considered when choosing furniture providers. Such decisions are some of the important ones that customers make when they visit the shops. The assistance provided b y the staff of the company is friendly and on a professional level.
The company has been leading in the market for over forty years. The company targets customers who are in the middle and upper classes in terms of income. The added advantage of the competitive edge of the company is its business model which is significantly different from those of the rival companies. Another cause for the upper hand in the market is the sourcing of its products from overseas, dealing directly with the manufacturers. This helps them to avoid intermediary companies. This approach has helped the company to offer its products at attractive points reaching over 7 % more sales than its competitors

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